About Faulkners

British Fish & Chips since 1980

The early years for Faulkners

In 1981 a small restaurant called Seashells opened in East London. It soon became the best Fish and Chips in Town attracting locals and tourist from all around the world. The founder John Faulkner named the restaurant after himself and remained with the company until he retired. He sold his pride and joy to new owners and hoped that the traditional British comfort food will continue to feed many for years to come.

London's best Fish & Chip shop

Faulkner's went on to win many food awards and was selected to become apart of the Walkers Fish n chips campaign in 2008. It has survived many owners over the past 10 years however, its loyal community has requests that its first possessors return and earn the title back for London's best Fish n Chip shop.

Faulkner's have listened and are excited about the journey ahead, they thank you for your continuing support and encourage you to have your say about what you want from new Faulkner's. Your feedback matters so please send us emails, and follow our social media.

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